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Customer master data : who changed the e-mail field?

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In the address screen of a customer there is the field e-mail.

it is possible to insert several e-mails for each customer using the arrow "other e-mail addresses".

My problem is that if someone changes the field e-mail in the address screen of the genearal data, this change is visible in the changes of the master data.

But if someone change one of the e-mails in the pop up "Other e-mail addresses", this change is not reported in the changes of the master data.

Is it possible to set these fields so that even these changes are recorded?

The strange thing is that if you go in the "Other e-mail addresses" pop up, there is another field called "notes".

If this field is changed this info is reported in the changes of the master data.

How is it possible?

I'm waiting for an answer

Thanks a lot

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Answers (3)

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Either you can check in OV51 or S_ALR_87012182


G. Lakshmipathi

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Try with the t.code : OV51

with regards


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I think you can see the changes in both filed. if you have two E-mail id then and if you change it then system give the both changes in XD02/XD03 ---> Environment ---> Filed Changes. You can see the changes in both email id if you can changes in both id.

This scenario have check in quality server.