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Customer invoices are blocked for dunning automatically when we run F150

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HI All

when we are running the dunning (T.Code F150) for one of the customer invoice items are blocking for dunning automatically.

the customer master setting for dunning block fields is empty and there is no changes for this field.

These invoices are created recently and could please help to find a solution for not happened the same in hte next dunning runs?

thanks in advance

Best regards


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Customer automatically gets blocked if the Customer has NO Line Items which can be considered for Dunning.

Before running the Dunning check weather the customer master us updated with DUNNING Variant and also check for the weather the Line items are over due and if so check the Dunning Procedure for Dunning INTERVAL and also the Arrear Days for each Internal.

Hope this will Help you .



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Thanks for your feedback!

The problem is the customer is having line items(invoices/billing items) and those are blocked for dunning when we run the F150 transaction automatically.

Please let me know if any details required.

Thanks in advance1

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Hello venu,

It seems that you have not executed the dunning run properly. If the dunning is successful then

the system will dun the customer and then update the info in the master data. If a customer line item is

picked up by a dunning proposal then it is blocked for dunning from other dunning run.

Check on these lines you might find your answer



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Thanks for your answer!

The dunning is executed without any errors and the info is updated to the customer master as well as customer items(invoices/billing items). All the dunning runs are successful till now and the problem is in hte recent dunning run for one of the customer items are blocked by updating the line items with blocking reason "A Manual block reason".Why this is happening automatically in the dunning run.

Thanks in advance

best regards