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I was hoping someone could help me with an issue we're seeing with our invoices being sent out via email.

I'm >very< new to SAP BYD, I'm used to using T-codes etc with another version of SAP.

That being said, our invoice emails have some generic info that I'd like to correct. I'm not sure if this is master data (meaning by customer) or if there is an area I that controls all invoices being generated for all our customers. Below is what our invoice email looks like currently.. We're fine with everything until it gets to the line that states, "CustomerInvoice-BillFromParty-FormattedAddressDescription" down to Email. So, the last 4 lines look like it's pulling from an area we haven't specified anything for.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Please find the Invoice 100-1793 posted on 2019-03-04 for the amount 12345 USD attached.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely,

Company name.


Phone No.:- [CustomerInvoice-BillFromParty-FormattedConventionalPhoneNumberDescription]

Fax No. :- [CustomerInvoice-BillFromParty-FormattedFacsimileNumberDescription]

Email :- [CustomerInvoice-BillFromParty-EmailURI]

Could someone help me out with what work center I can use to put more specified information in?


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Ben,

Please check the help-center document: Customer Invoice Form Output Language Determination and Form Template Maintenance Quick Guide. This will give you an overall view about how the Customer Invoice Forms for E-mails are picked. Here, you can refer to the part on E-mail template selection.

For your information, help center documents can be accessed via the help-center.

Hope this helps.




Thank you Roshni, I think that gave me the answer I needed. Looks like I just have to change the existing email template that goes along with our invoice and we'll be set.

Thanks again,


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