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Customer Hierarchy not showing in sales document

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Hi All,

I have used the standard hierarchy type (A) to create a 2(or 3) level hierarchy (top level node, 2nd level node and sold t party) and the hierarchy assignments look fine at the customer level. I have assigned the hierarchy type to the sales order type as well. But the hierarchy does not get carried over to the sales orders (contracts) when I create the documents. I am sure it is something really silly, but any idea what I might be missing or where to start looking.

Thank you so much for your help in advance...

Shubha Tandon

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Have you Mainted Price determination in the custome masrter record of the billing Tab.

Have you correctly maintained the partner determinatin procedures.

Have you assigned Customer hierarchy to your sales area

Have you created Customer with 0012 Account group.

Now you need to assign the customer creatd using 0012 to the customer 0001 account group.

Have you maintainted the Customer heirarchy in VDH1n transaction..

Here you need to assign 0001 account group customer to 0012 customer

If u have maintained all these settings correctly you will get the hierarchy customer in SO.

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