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customer external number problem

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i have given customer external number range

for ex, cna10000 to cnz9999 as i want to know customer by c, and n for north region and a for the alphabet, but system is allowing me to input

cnnnnn100, and other wise also,

how can i restrict that the system


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Answers (2)

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hi ,

Try to put no. range like 000CNA1000 to 000CNA2000.

means full 10 character.



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Dear varada rajan,

If i understood your question correctly that U need to assign external number range with charecter + number .

If this is correct , then

1. Go to SPRO -- Logistic general -- busines partners - Customer -- control -

A. Define Account Groups and Field Selection for Customers :

copy your existing account group and in general data maintain A1 ( you can mention as per your logic ) .

B.Define and Assign Customer Number Ranges -

i. Maintain CNA1000 to CNA2000 and mark tick in External number range

ii. Assign Number Ranges to Account Groups : here you assign the number range against the account group.

Now , you can create customer number range between

CNA1000 to CNA2000.


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i have given like the same, but if i need cna to cnz and then numbers, i am able to define in number ranges but while entering the external number it is accepting cnaaaa10000 also that is the problem,

system should only allo cna,cnb but not cnbbb