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Customer expected price

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Customer expected price difference vbap-cepok = B is maintained and the incompletion log is also correctly showing an error. But sales order allows delivery.

how is this possible.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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dear azeem

check it

EDI1 AND EDI2 (Customer expected price):

In normal business process, business charges certain price for particular material but customer expects certain price. Customer expected price can be entered manually or through EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Someone in the business may accept or reject customer expected price. So that system has to block the billing document by considering sales document as a incomplete one so that the document can be released by using transaction code V.25 by accepting or rejecting customer expecting price.

Condition type “EDI 1” is used to compare the net price for each item whereas condition type “EDI2” is used to compare the overall item value (net price * quantity)

For EDI1, calculation is = 8; for EDI2, calculation is = 8 make it as a manual/statistical.

In “V/08”, include EDI1 and EDI2 as last steps.

Go to VA01, raise the sales order

Go to item condition screen, now include EDI1 as 40/- and EDI2 as 40/-

Raise delivery and invoice. System block invoice

Now go to V.25 and click on release and now raise the invoice

The customer expected price is differ from the automatically determined price or value by more than the maximum difference allowed then the system will look this order as incomplete when it is saved .

The blocked sales order should be released by concern person through work list traction code: “V.25”

 logistics

 S d

 sales

 Information. System

 Work list—V.25 –release customer expected price.

Select the sales order click on release, save and exit.

rewards if it helps


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tks for the reply.

My question is even when the incompletion log is showing customer expected price as the error the delivery was possible for the item . how is this possible ?

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Hi Azeem,

In standard SAP not everytime the delivery is blocked for the fields which is appearing the incomplition log.

According to the customizing maintained the system decided if the particular field is not maintained then at what stage the furthur processing should be stopped.

For your particular requirement what you can do is set the delivery block automaticaaly using user exit in sales document.So if if your condition is not satisfied in sales order (e.g.Price) the delivery block will be set and order can not be delivered.

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Amrish Purohit

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Can u please let me knwo the relevant user-exits. Actually for some orders the delivery block works and for some orders it does not. So i want to check why this random behavior.

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Tks, The EDI1 ctyp is maintained as mentioned. The manual and statistical are also mainained. Plus the incompletion preocedure are rule are relevant for delivery. still some deliveries are passing thru while some deliveries get blocked. Would like to know where the incompletion is getting bypassed in the code / userexit etc...

tks in advance...

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