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Custom reports to collect the fields from PA,Om and E recruitment

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Hi All,

We need to create Customized reports on e recruitment where the out put and the selection screen shoulds contain fields from PA,OM and E recruitment .

Q1.Is it possible ?

Q2.If yes do we need to crete custom infosets or is there any other way out?

thanks and best regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Rajeev,

PA & OM data is a consent to Employee Data, E-Recruitment data is candidate data, unless and untill the candidate has been hired as an employee we can not link the candidate and employee in an report, it all depends on your client requirements, it can be possible if the Number ranges of Candidate & Employee are mappped in a custom table or if your having a tumb rule to identify the personal number of the candidate, if you can give the specification clearly i would assist you further.

cheer up dear,

Thanks & Regards

Ravi Kiran.

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Hi Ravi,

We are proceeding to create custom reports in e recruitment.The infotype from which the data has to be pulled is from E recruiting infotypes and OM infotype and in some cases E recruiting infotypes and PA infotypes..and in some cases it would Pa,OM and e recruitment infotypes For the same we need to present to the client the standard selection screen as visible from the e recruiting portal. Can you please provide us with any of the custom reports selection screen shot as visible from E recruiting portal.

Secondly we also need to know what is the maximum number of columns we can display in e recruiting reports. is it 1023 or less.

Some of the sample data to be pulled is as follows;

*Position id ,Position,org unit,Functional area,applicant reason for rejection,date of posting*

One of my worries is that can we create a report for OM and e recruitment data where the E recruitment module is implemented for internal candidate.

An early response is greatly appreciated.

Thanks and best regards

Rajeev Chhabra

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Hi Rajeev,

To the best of My knowledge i know 3 process to Generate Report in E-Recruitment Pool.

1) Create an Infoset in SQ02 and assign the Role/UserGroup assignment as ERC_RECR and create Query in SQ01, Combining your E-Rec table & OM tables with variant and generate, you can see the Report in E-Rec(Login as Recruiter)->Reporting->Reporting Select your Custom Report and Execute.

2) Create a Custom Report with Transaction Code.

Create a IView in Portal and call the Transaction this is the

job of portal adminstrator.

3) Make an RFC (Remote Function Call) enabled Function Module with Importing & export parameters as per client requirements.

Code the logic and Retrive in Internal table in exporting parameter.

now Portal Job

Portal administrator will create a WebDynpro front end application for report selections screen or it can be any other portal development tool, for good look and feel, he will just call your RFC Function Module, by passing import parameters for fetching the internal table data he will display report on portal.


standard process is via SAP Queries you only define the Querry with variant as defaulting the selections screen what ever the values in the backend,

only you select the report name from portal E-Rec and execute report their wont be any selections screen will be shown.

Coming to I-View yes what ever the report selections screen is their in backend it will be appering the same.

webdynpro your will your can desing like any thing.

coming to number colums not very sure.

yes create only OM reports also on E-Rec.

Cheer Up dear, if this resolves.

Thanks & regards

Ravi Kiran Sabba

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Hi Ravi,

My problem is resolved.

Thanks a lot


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