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Custom Reports - PLD

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Hello All,

I have some general questions about reports.

I want to create a packing list report that only shows the sales bom and not the components of the item. The base packing list reports all show the components. I made a copy of one of them, however there is no way (that I can figure out) to show only the sales bom items. (these would have a tree-type of S or a base line of 0 in delivery:rows) The PLD does not offer any run-time visiblity control. It seems I need to control the data in the dataset. This brings me to my questions.

1.) Can I control the default dataset retrieved when I chose to print a delivery document? (Just a simple filter would awesome - it could work just like the sort) I assume no, cuz' the delivery doc data is already there. the report is only formatting the data.

2.) Can I assign a user-defined report for the document type when printing? In reviewing the document types, although USRT is available, USRP is not. It would seem that I cannot.

Has anyone ran across this need in the past - for any report not just delivery? I believe now that I have one option.

1.) Create a custom report. Require the user to save the delivery doc and then go run the custom report. Not especially user friendly - in fact ugly.

thanks to any and all that may contribute.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Jason,

If you want to supress the component items you have to do the folowing steps in the repetitive area where the fields are that you dont want to show. The field numbers are an example! You have to look to real field numbers in the field index.

1. Add a new database field in the repetitive area and choose the following in the "properties" (tab content)

Table: Sales - rows

Column: BOM Type

This field generates the code of the BOM type. (the code of a component = I)

On the General tab unmark "Visible" because you dont want to show this field.

Assume this field = Field_001

Add a formula field in the repetitive area with the content: Field_001 != "I"

(this means that the BOM type must not be a component)

Assume this field = Field_002

Select all the fields that you dont want to show in the repetative area.

On the general tab of properties you have to link all these fields to the formula field, in my example Field_002

Now the fields are printend if field_002 is true

(Dont forget to change the numbers to the real numbers in the PLD)

Save the report with your own document name and set it as default.

For the future: In version 2007A there is a new function in the Bill of Materials to Hide BOM Components in Printout. Problem is that you dont see that items on the picklist as well. (from the sales order screen)

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Wow!!! - It works (and might I say completely obvious )

Thanks Arjen

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Jason,

what version of SBO are you using ? There are some different between 2004 and 2005. What I mean is that I would like to replicate your problem if I have time here. I maintain 2 versions here (2 servers).


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thanks Jimmy,

I am running 2005 A SP1 PL29.