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Custom Infotype

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Hello All

I have created a custom Infotype 9036, when I try to maintain it in PA30 Screen it shows following error:

"Object 00000000 does not exist

Message no. 5A040"

The error comes after I type 9036 in Infotype option of 'Direct Selection' and hit CREATE.

Any idea where I missed or mistyped information?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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can u send the screen shot to me

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After you created the infotype structure , there is a genrate all button , which generates all objects for the infotypes . You can re-examine the table strucutre if it is activiated properly.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Thank you guys. The problem was very silly. I was trying to use an OM Infotype in PA. Silly I know . Thanking your prompt attention!

I have now created a PA infotype and its working smooth.

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Thanks for the quick replies guys!


Sent you the error shapshot.


When I see the infotype details here is what I observe:

Infotype 9036

-> Dictionary

-> Module pool

-> Screens

-> User interface

-> Table entries

-> SOBJ entries

-> Dialog module

-> TADIR entries

When expanding -> Table entries (I see following list)

T778T: Table entries exist

T777T: Table entries exist

T777D: Table entries exist

T77ID: Table entries exist

T777I: Table entries exist

T777Z: Table entries exist

T77OA: no table entries exist

T777M: no table entries exist

T778U: no table entries exist

T777U: no table entries exist

T77NI: no table entries exist

When expanding -> SOBJ entries (I see following list)

OBJECT PDST: no table entries exist

OBJECT PDWS: no table entries exist

Btw, where is the generate button you are referining to. I only see active button. I am using 4.7.