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Custom field from timesheet to pricing for customer project



We are using customer projects.

We want to create a custom field in the timesheet and be able to modify the pricing depending on this field. Ex: custom field called 'Travel Time' - box that can be checked. 

If the box is checked, we want to reduce the sales rate by 50% in the app Manage sales rate.

We are able to create custom fields in the timesheet and the pricing, but not to replicate the custom field from the timesheet to the billing/princing.

Basically, we want to reproduce the overtime category process because it's not available for contingent workers. 

Is it possible? Thank you




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Hello Girar,

If the custom fields could be extend in the app Manage sales rate and also could be enabled for Condition Record for Pricing in Sales.

I think it will be possible to work. You could do this according to the blog and publish the custom filed as checkbox instand of CodeList.

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Hi @WesleyZhang,

The problem we are facing is that the custom field in the timesheet is not in the same "Business Context" as the one that we can use for pricing.

We would like to know if there is a way for us to either have a single custom field that we could use in the timesheet and the pricing.

Alternatively, would there be a way for us to "link" a custom field on the timesheet with a custom field in the pricing so that the action on the custom field in the timesheet would affect the pricing of the follow-on billing documents?

For the second option we checked whether a BADI was available to link information on the timesheet to pricing information but couldn't find any.

Could you please let us know if that would be possible?