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Custom class type for Plant material

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Is there any way to create a custom class type for plant and material? Any other way to use standard functionality to use classification in material master for specific plan will also work.


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Hi Rahul,

The Classification data in material master can only be maintianed at Client level and not at plant level.

The standard Class type 001 can be used to create your own classes. Create a class for each applicable plant. Add the applicable characterstics under every class. That way you will be able to maintain plant spceific details when you are adding Objects for the material master.



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With this solution you have to pay attention: the same characteristic will have the same value within one class type. So if you use class type 001 for different material classes and they contain the same characteristics it will not be possible to maintain them differently per plant. This can be solved by using different characteristics for each class or creating a new class type for table MARA (instead of 001 e.g. Z01). For different class types the same characteristics can have different values.