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Currency rates from bank in Public Cloud

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Hello, I would like to ask you, do you know or maybe you already had contact with currency exchange in S4HANA Public Cloud downloaded automatically from the bank? Which solution is recommended?

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Product and Topic Expert
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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Kinga,

Please explore below for exchange rate update in S/4HANA Cloud.

1. Currency Exchange Rates App: One by one manual update

2. Import Foreign Exchange Rates App: Manual file preparation and bulk upload

3. Scope Item 1S4 - Automatic Market Rates Management. It can help you automate your process with bank. It requires extra license.

4. SAP BOT can be developed to upload data in S/4 HANA Cloud. It can be written based on email with exchange rate from bank or if you put the data in a common folder. etc.

Note: API Exchange Rates – Replicate (A2X) helps you transferring data from S/4HANA Cloud to external/other system.: Overview | Exchange Rates – Replicate (A2X) | SAP Business Accelerator Hub

Hope it will help.

Same has been asnwered here: How to import FX rates from e.g. National Bank of Poland to S/4HANA Public Cloud using BTP? | SAP Co...



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HI Shakeel! What API do I use to import exchange rate to S/4?