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Currency of the dunning letters

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Hi all,

In transaction FBMP, is it possible to choose the currency of the dunning letter?

What if all open items of a customer are not posted in the same currency? Which currency will be used to display the total amount? Is it possible to change the total amount currency?

I did some tests and it seems the dunning currency is the local currency. Each open item is listed in its transaction currency but the total amount of the dunning letter is in the local currency.

Thanks for your help.


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Goto TCode FBMP

Select Minimum Amounts Tab

Enter currency



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Hi Srinivas,

I know that if I want to generate dunning letters with amounts in a specific currency I have to define minimum amounts in that currency for each dunning level.

But the total amount on the dunning letter is in a different currency... can I choose the total amount currency which is displayed on the dunning letter?

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Hi Ben,

For you second point

With SAP script/form you can create the layout for the dunning letter. The name you can found in the dunning settings and from there you can go in the layout.

In the layout there are more field available then printed, you can use fields like Document currecy, local currency.

The values from the folowing structures are standard available for printing dunning letters

MHNK (like Balance in dunning area in dunning currency, Balance in dunning area local currency)

MHND (like Amount in Local Currency with /- Signs, Foreign Currency Amount with Signs (/-)

F150D (like Account balance in local currency, Account balance in foreign currency

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Thank you Paul.

Your information will be useful to our ABAP team and it should be possible to choose the displayed currency in the total amount (in our case EUR instead of SKK).