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Currency Key in IT 0008

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Dear All Experts,

I wish to assign an employee with 2 different wage types with different currency keys in IT 0008. I have tried all the possible ways but am unable to acheive the same.I wish to know whether it is possible to achieve the same by config or can i take a key and open the Currency key in IT 0008.will it have any issues/

Please help me on this and guide.


Stuck with this....

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Answers (3)

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I had similar question and after extensive research unfortunately the answer is no....

You can change the currency key ONLY at the annual salary level, not at the wage type level. It will use the FI TCURR table to handle the exchange rate conversion between wage type currency and annual salary currency.

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Hello Stuck,

unfortunately there are only 2 currencies actually stored in IT0008, one for annual salary and one for all the wagetype amounts.

It would be a huge task to allow for multiple curriencies here - requiring re-writes of much standard functionality - I'd really not recommend even trying to do this.

Sorry the answer is so negative, but it's just not possible to do otherwise.

You may be able to do something by using subtypes of IT0008.... (not standard but might meet your needs?)


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The currency key is usually defined against the company code at the very beginning.

I personally dont feel it is possible to define two currency codes against the two different wage types in Infotype 0008.