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Currency conversion in SAC live connection

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Hi All,

I have requirement that we have to do currency conversion in SAC using live connection.

We are using S4HANA CDS View of Source to SAC .Can some one help or share some of reference document how to archive requirement .



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I think Currency Conversion is only possible in Acquired model (acquired connection). Models on live connection do not support Currency Conversion. Refer to below on how to configure Currency Conversion in SAC in General.

SAC help Page for Currency Conversion:

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Hello sanjay1402,

Conversion on live connection is not supported yet. Here are couple of enhancement open for voting. Feel free to create a new one for S4 or vote on existing ones.

Beside when working on Currency conversion you need to take into account transaction table setup and replication. Only following source systems are supported for currency data import to currency tables. S4 is not supported yet as a source system for currency table update. Unless you are using BW layer from S4 side. If currency table support is part of your setup, then this could be a show stopper. Workaround would be upload rates via flat file. All you need is Organization dimension to allow currency dim as an attribute to be configured in SAC Model.

  • File
  • Google Drive
  • BW
  • BPC (standard model)

One can apply currency conversion on any type of model. This includes Analytic model and Planning models both. There are some differences when it comes to Classic model vs New model type when it comes to support currency conversion.

Help.SAP - Work with Currencies in a Classic Account Model

Help.SAP - Work with Currencies in a Model with Measures

Here is a video walk through of a simple scenario based on flat file upload.

Video : SAP Analytics Cloud - Currency Translation

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