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Currencies - 1st, 2nd and 3rd Local

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We are setting a trading company in Ireland and have following set-up for currencies:

Our billings to customer is in USD.

Reason for 3rd Local Currency as EUR is to capture the applicable VAT in Euro. We will be using this information as information on billing documents and also want to use it for reports.

We have two issues with this set-up:

1) It creates a variance in Hard Currency at the time of clearing, and client does not want to see it.

See image

2) Standard VAT reports are in USD and we want to see them in EUR (Alternative Currency is of NO USE as it translates values for a specific date, we want to see actual value as of the date of billing)

S_ALR_87012356 - SAP minimal variant - VAT report

Question to our FI gurus

1) Is there any way we can suppress the variance on hard currency?

2) Is there another option we can use to capture the values of VAT in Euro and not have it come in on our billing document as statistical values and also on FI documents?

3) With above settings how do we display our VAT reports in Euro?

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