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cumulation wage from the date in the infotype 41

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Hello SAP community,

Is it possible to retrieve the total amount for the last 12 months of a wage type? This involves calculating an anniversary bonus on this basis for the anniversary month indicated in infotype 41.

I cannot rely on the CRT because the cumulation will be different depending on the employee's date of entry.

If you have any idea, please send me them.

Thank you very for your help.

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Unless there is a WPBP split in the Payroll Period (PP), SAP Payroll doesn't have the capability to split earnings Before/After a set Date on IT0041 (at the start of the cumulation process), and even less at the "one year anniversary" of that Date. In the first PP where that Date exists, you could create a PCR that would transfer to an Information WT the Amount of earnings in the Last split of the PP, but that Amount could not be what you require if there is more than one split in the PP. Similarly, you could create a PCR to identify if this PP falls one year after the Date in IT0041, create an other Information WT to indicate on a future PP that the One Year Bonus has been calculated, but the whole earnings of the current PP (or only the first split's earnings) would be included in the calculation. Manual Adjustments would be required (through IT0015) to that cumulative Information WT.

Perhaps an ABAP programmer could come up with something else, but here again, you would certainly need a WPBP split on the Start Date of the process and on the One Year Anniversary Date.