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CT04 - create characteristic that allows free-form characteristic result

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Hello, Experts! Working in the Chemical Industry, and fielding some support questions from our mfg facilities regarding QC results in Inspection Lot. I have need to create a General Characteristic for QM in CT04 which allows for "free-form" result entry in an Inspection Lot (maximum 20 characters). This General Characteristic also needs to be linked to a Master Characteristic, which I will create in QS21. This Master Characteristic will be assigned to specific materials in QS61.

Currently, my General Characteristics that are of a Character Format Data Type MUST be assigned to a Selected Set in order to be linked to the Master Characteristic and for results to be input into the system in QE51N. I am looking for a way for user to input a result (alhpanumeric and possibly symbols) without the need of a Selected Set. Any guidance you can offer is greatly appreciated!

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Hi Nancy,

Been in Chemcial businesses a long time. Sorry, you can't do what you want. All qualitative characteriistics that you want to link to MIC's require a selected set if you want to record a value. There is no allowance on the QM side, (i.e. MIC in an inspection lot), to allow free form results.

The best that can be done is to make the characteristic a simple pass/fail and put the info in to the inspectio description field. You could than maybe use a user exit at the time of the UD to copy the inspection description into the value of general characterisitc on the batch.