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CST problem

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Dear MM Guru,

While doing STO with delivery from another state. They used CST, but I could not find cst condition in condition type of PO. Then how they will do the invoice with CST?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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First check if CST condition type is in the tax pricing procedure..

Then when you do a PO, In item details click on invoice tab and click on taxes icon. check if CST condition type is present there.

If not then go to FV11 ans create a condition record for a key combination of vendor/material and key the %.

and now create a Po for that material and vendor nad check if CST is coming up.

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Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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In case of STO, you are not performing LIV for the Supplying Plant so it will not be possible to enter Tax Code of CST in MIRO. You only perform LIV for the Freight/Delivery Costs incurred during Stock Transfer. So proceed in following way.

1. Create a pricing condition for CST in M/06 and keep following controls active;

Cond. class A Discount or surcharge

Calculat.type A/B Percentage/Fixed amount (As per reqmt.)

Cond.category B Delivery costs

Plus/minus A Positive

Item Condition Active

Accrual Active

Vendor in GR 2 Entry always possible

2. Attach this condition type in STO Pricing Procedure in M/08 (SAP Std. Pricing is RM2000). Also assign an Accrual key to this condition

3. You can create a new Accrual key in SPRO > MM > Purchasing > Conditions > Define Price Determination Process > Define Transaction/Event Keys

4. OBYC - Assign a Clearing A/c to the new Accrual Key

5. In ME21N - STO, maintain value for CST Condition. also assign the vendor in "details" option of this condition if reqrd.

6. VL10B - Outbound delivery w.r.t. STO (Mvmt 641)

Accounting Entry:

Stock A/c - Dr - 110 (In Receiving Plant)

Stock A/c - Cr - 100 (In Supplying Plant)

CST Clearing A/c - Cr - 10 (In Supplying Plant)

7. MIGO - GR in receiving plant (No A/c entry)

8. MIRO - LIV for "Planned delivery cost" w.r.t. STO if reqrd.

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Try following Condition types (FV13)

JCS1 IN A/R cst out

JCS2 IN A/R cst out

JCSR IN A/R CST Surcharge



JIN7 A/R CST payable -VAT



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If the CST component is not a Nondeductible tax then They can use the tax code in the invoice which has the CST rate specified.

Thanks & Regards