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Crystal Reports - connection type SAP Business One

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could anybody show me the magic how to establish connection type SAP Business One ?
On the same server where runs the Crystal Reports runs SAP B1 client.
SAP client has not problem to connect to Database.
Crystal Report doesn't show me reachable databases.
Once it was showed , but then it disappeared and never again showed.

Crystal Report 2016
SAP B1 10 for HANA

Thank You
Regards Zdenek Chládek

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I have created proxy connection in Operation system, where I point to database server and pass credentials for database user.
Now in Crystal we can use this connectionand and pass just SAP login, what is for us more safe!

And now the databases are listed out.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Zdenek,

use HDBODBC driver for connecting to HANA database, and also note that you are using wrong port in your example, 30013 is for Client connection, 30015 is for Crystal Reports.



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again I say, I do not want to use HDBODBC driver, because there is needed password for Database user!
I need give access to create connection in Crystal for common user where the user will use just SAP login.

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Hi Zdenek,

I assume this is a new B10 install and this is the first CR template you are viewing and trying to refresh the data?

This is for SQL, so it may not be exact for HANA

If so, I think you need to connect the template to the new database installation.
To do this, open the template in CR and don't refresh the connection.
When it is open, click 'Database' in the top menu, then 'Set Datasource Location'.
The the next dialog window, click expand next to 'Create New Connection', and choose 'OLE DB (ADO)' then choose 'Microsoft OLE DB Provider for *SQL* Server'. I think here it will be something like HANA instead of SQL?

Then click next, and enter the details for your Server, User and Database.

After this, the connection will be available for this CR template.
You just need to tell it to use the new connection, by clicking on the Server name that should now appear beneath the 'OLE DB (ADO)' and click the Update button.

That should give you the new connection to obtain the data for that report.

You'll need to repeat these steps for every report you have. Just remember to save the report with the new connection even if you don't make any changes other that that connection.

Hope that is what you are needed.


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Thank You, for that You want to help me.
SQL and HANA is big diference and in my case it is HANA.
I do not want to use OLE DB. I want to use SAP Business One connection.
Why? Because I do not want to pass for users who will use the Crystal Reports credentials to database user.
Via SAP B1 connection type they need just SAP credentials. This is the reason and goal of this type of connection.