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Cross Company shipping / Material Master data

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While configuring the cross company stock transfer, I got a error message , that SD data not maintained , on creating the Purchase Order.

I maintained the shipping condition, loading grp ,shipping point, Maintained the Customer/ Vendor , Master data also . What else will be the possible error ?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You Problem is very clear by the error message, Check your STO configuration, Customer/ Sales Org/ Dis Channel, Maintain the master data for the same Org Structure, Your Problem will get solved, Please revert back us further errors

Answers (5)

Answers (5)

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For STO you hve to maintain customer, sorg, distribution channel and division in STO configuration.

Next for the material you hve to maintain loading group and shipping point in material master.

In SD configuration they hve to assign the shipping point to the plant, in addition to this they hve to maintain combination of shipping point, Loading point and Shipping conditions. These configurations are in Logistics Execution, normally SD guys will do this configurations.

In SPRO - Logistics Execution - Shipping, you can find required shipping point related configurations.

Hope its clear.



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You'd better go trough these links:

You have to maintain the SD view of material master for both plant / sales organisation.



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Any input please ?

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All the four Maintained, I cannot create a Purchase Order, i am getting error message such us

No sales and distribution data maintained for material 15000401

Message no. 06854


The following may apply in this case:

1. The Sales and Distribution data for the issuing plant has not been

maintained in the material master record.

2. The material short text (short description) has not been maintained

in the receiving plant in the language of the customer.

3. The material has not been maintained for the distribution chain


4. The tax classification data is not available for the country of the

issuing plant.

I maintained all those 4 as mentioned above

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Check the following entries

1. Inter-company clearing account

2. SAles View in MAterial Master data.

3. Has the material been extended for the shipping plant and the receiving plant.

4. Have you maintained the Vendor as the shipping plant and customer as the shipping plant. This step is essential for Inter-company billing.