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Cross Company Costing - Costing Sheet

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We are changing our cross company costing model. Currently we are applying a material overhead and freight and duty through a custom program with additive cost estimates. We would like to get away from this and use standard SAP functionality.

Does anyone have experience with:

1. When cross-company costing using special procurement keys, the costing process wants to select the costing sheet in the valuation variant for Finished and Semi-Finished goods instead of the Overhead on Material Components. We would like to have the costing process select the Overhead on Material Components costing sheet instead.

2. We would like to over-write the base value in the costing sheet calculation in some instances, based on information from the material / plant.

Looking forward to any advice you may have...

Kind regards.

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Yes, you can do cross company code costing.

1, you need activate x-CoCd costing by OKYV;

2, assign special procument type "stock transfer" if the component is from another company code.

To apply additional overhead for material in company B:

assign a "origin group" to materials in company B, you can apply an additional overhead/surcharge to those materials. And you also can seperate them in your cost component structure by using this "origin group".



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How can you get the cost estimate in the receiving plant to read the overhead for the origin group. Doesn't the transfer just transfer the cost over directly without doing any overhead application?

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We were able to apply overhead by activating the badi SUR_STOCK_TRANSF_CK. Within the logic we made this only activated if the stock transfer was for a plant that crossed company codes.