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credit static check status B in vkm3

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Hello Experts,

Need your help.

I have an SO which has a credit status as Released in sales order.

When checked at VKM3, it shows Status Check B/Not Approved, Overall Status as Released and is also showing a risk cat of RK2.

Currently, the credit status of the customer has 72% credit exposure and customer has been updated with risk category 001.

From the client's automatic credit control setting, the Risk Category 001 includes Static check for open orders and deliveries, and Open items - Max open item % is 20% with 3 days open.

I would like to know,

- how is the static check in VKM3 be approved and changed it to Status A?

- As I have checked that both risk categories RK2 and 001 both have Open Items Check with Max open item 20%, then should it work if I suggest user to change the risk category into RK1 which is maintained with Max open item 75%?

Kindly help suggest solutions on how I can the static check be approved.



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Dear Lia,

I donot understand what your issue is. To release the order from the credit check, we will be using VKM3 transaction.

By the way, to have a clear idea on how Open item check in OVA8 works. Please find below my answer.

Customer Balance, you can check this in FD10N transaction.

You can also see the overdue open items in this transaction. % will be having Maximum percentage of overdue open items/customer balance

When you activate the indicator OPEN ITEMS, and you have mentioned some XX% in the % and some Y days in %; then the system will do the following.

a.first calculate the amount of overdue open items which are due for more than Y days.

b.then divide the value obtained in step a by customer balance which you can see in FD10n transaction.

c. this will be giving some %. If this percentage is higher than the value mentioned in %; then the system will block the sales order for further processing.

Hope this clarifies.

Please close the thread if this answers your query. thanks

Thank you

Venkatesh SP