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credit managment

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Dear sd gurus good morning and have a wonderful day

                       Dear gurus i have small doubt in credit management ,in OVAD T.code 1) goods issue credit group and 2) DLIVERY CREDIT GROUP are there

goods issue credit group enables us to combine different delivery types for porpose of making a credit check at the time of goods issue.

2 one enables us to combine different delivery types for the purpose of of credit management

                     could u explain littile bit about 2 one bz i am unable to understand pl give me one example

thank you so much

venu gopal reddy

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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in OVAD t code , you can assign the credit groups related with delivery and pgi , it means when you create the delivery at that system check the credit check at pgi level and delivery level , normally system credit check carried out three level

1) sale order level

2) delivery level

3) PGI level

based on this you can assign the order type to credit group for the order and also assign the check credit group , here you can maintain the sale order block or  warring message. when you can block the sale order not required to OVAD , because sale order level you can block , you can assign the OVA8 only sale order only

like you can block the credit management block at delivery level , you can assign the OVAD t code for delivery group only , and also maintain the OVA8 for delivery side ,

like you can block at PGI level , you can assign the OVAD t code for PGI group , it also assign the at OVA8  to code, for PGI ,

you are  2 one question , it relevant for credit block at delivery level , you can check the OVA8 to code for delivery side , like below screen

in his screen credit group  01,02,03 , check this it means which you can block the credit ,

below 7000,300,03. it for only block at PGI level only , check your system for this

after you can better under stand

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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u can block the delivery and pgi by depending upon the business requirement, that will be done through OVAD

by depending upon the credit blocks u have maintained at order level, delivery level , and pgi level ,

whatever the assignment u have maintained in the automatic credit control area,

system will consider  credit checks,

for example, delivery has created for list of customers,

among these deliveries some of the customers are low risk customers, so in this case at pgi level , all the delivery types will be combined for those customers u want to block at pgi level,

and the customers who is medium risk customers they will block at delivery level only , which we have already maintained at automatic credit contol area,

hope u understand, if is there any issue plz let me know,