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credit management

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In credit management, are we give Orders like some static cheek & dynamic cheek for

a customer.



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Go thorough this.......

With regards


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Hi Rao,

In FD32 we will give the credit limit to the customer.we can use either Static or Dyanamic credit check.

1) Static credit check

Static credit check uses the value of confirmed quantities, regardless of delivery date. It also uses the open receivable balance and special general ledger accounts relevant for credit. You can also include open orders (regardless of delivery date) and open deliveries. Open deliveries include all quantities in deliveries as well as quantities in SD billing documents not yet passed to Accounts Receivable. The value is determined by multiplying the confirmed quantity by the credit price.

2) Dynamic credit check

Dynamic credit check in the order uses the value of confirmed quantities scheduled to ship within the credit window. The quantities are updated from schedule lines of existing orders and the order being entered. If the quantity confirmed is zero, the value of the current order (for credit limit check purposes) is zero. The value is determined by multiplying the confirmed quantity by the credit price.

Note that open order values are only updated from schedule lines that are relevant for delivery (TVEP-LFREL = ‘X’). Third party order items, for example, do not update open orders since they do not create deliveries (there is no mechanism to decrease the open order values other than by creating a delivery).

The length of the credit window in days is determined by multiplying the increment in Table T681F by 7 (weeks) or 30 (month or accounting period). The result is then added to today’s date.

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Not sure what you mean here. However - in credit mgmt, you can either configure a static or dynamic credit check for a customer. You just need to configure acc to the client's requirements.


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We will assing the credit limit to customer at T-code FD32 and will assign a risk category. If the customer is excedding his credit limit then you want to process auto credit limit check,then the following procedure has to be followed

Follow these steps

1) First create a credit group at Img->sales and distribution->Basic functions->Credit management and risk->credit management->define credit group

2)In the Assign sales documents and delivery document->Credit limit for order types->Credit limit for order(Assign "D" dynamic credit limit check),in the next column--credit group(Assign the one which we have created earlier)

3)Now in the credit limit for delivery types->for the delivery type->assign the credit group which we have created earlier at delivery credit group and GI credit group columns(if you want to active the credit check at deliveries and PGI level then you need to configure this,otherwise leave blank)

4)Now in the define credit automatic credit control for the combination of credit control area/risk category/credit(the one which we have created earlier),then according to your requirements select the static or Dynamic checks and in the reaction--select option "C" to process this as error and activate the tick box status block next to it. the remaining options are left to you in this area,if you want to have additional check.

Try this out and will definetly work

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as per my knowledge I don think itz possible in std SAP.

bcoz as we all know,

maintaining credit is customer specific

but not the customer n sales doc specific.

*If its possible, plz contribute