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credit management refresh for customer

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previously the credit management was checking for certain sales order, deliveries and item category. i have since removed the credit checkings at OVAK, OVAD and OVA7.

and finally re-run RVKRED77.

but the credit exposure value still remains the same. how do i 'refresh' this credit exposure? did i missed out any steps above?

thanks alot.

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if you wish to Reset the credit exposure,you need to run the programe-RVKRE88 later lock the table-S066 and run the report-RVKRED77

This need to be done only if it is really required.

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Hi Siva,

S066 table you are referring to LIKP,VBRK and VBAK?

is there a need to run RVKRED88 at all?

or just lock the 3 tables above and run RVKRED77 and unlock the tables again is enough?

yes, i need to run this as credit exposure for the customer was overly exceeded due to certain orders type and delivery type are been taking into consideration for the credit checking. i have since removed the credit check for the order type and delivery type.

afterwhich i executed RVKRED77 but the exposure value is still the i guess i need to lock the 3 tables above and re-run RVKRED77 so that the exposure limit for the customer will be 'refresh'?

thanks alot.