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Credit management at Delivery level

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I am having an problem as

My client is asking for credit limt block, at PGI level in delivery. But the condition is that it should be only for certain Plant only..

Is it required to be done with the help of ABAP to write a code in program...or with the help of user exit??

Kindly help me


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see its simple for the customers who get stock from a plant maintain them in a seperate risk category and assing credit limit block at pgi level ok......ok but this again has cerain restrictions like if u wnat to deliver goods from a custmoer belonging to another plant delivering goods from this plant credit limit wnt hapen at pgi coz he wld be assingd in a diff catg.......

but anyways this is one scenario in which u can work out by assing the customers belonging to tht particualr plant a sperate risk catg and maintaining block at pgi.

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