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Credit limit is not checked.

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Dear Consultants

We have credit control in place. However, we are facing a problem in it.

System is not blocking the sales order , even if the credit limit is expired.

For eg -

in FD32 credit limit is entered as 10000

Credit used till date is 8000

System allows the create a sales order for any amount.

We are using Automatic Credit Control

We maintained following checks-

Static is Active. Open orders & Open deliveries are ticked.

Oldest Open item is also ticked.

Credit control is actived for item cat as well as sales doc type.

What could be the problem.

Kindly revert.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Automatic credit control settings are maintained in "OVA8".

Areas to be checked:

1. For the sales document type in VOV8, the "check credit limit" must be "D"& "credit group" is "01".

2. In the pricing procedure for the final credit price line, maintain "A" in the sub total column. This is carried over as the "credit price".

3. In VOV7, for the item category, the "credit active" field must have a tick. If there is no tick on this, then credit check will never happen.

4. While maintaining the credit limit for the customer in "FD32", in the "status" section maintain the "risk category".

5. Now in OVA8, maintain the settings for the combination of "credit control area + risk category + credit group". The credit group should be the same as maintained in VOV8 for the sales doucment type. Inside this you have ticked against "static check" & "open orders" as well as "open deliveries" have also been ticked.

Now in the same line if you see, you have a column for reaction:

" " No message

A Warning

B Error message

C Like A + value by which the credit limit has been exceeded

D Like B + value by which the credit limit has been exceeded

Select a message according to your requirement - how do you want the SAP system to behave in case of a credit failure.

There is a column for "status/block". This is basically blocking the delivery from getting created in case of a credit check failure. But this setting makes sense only if you have selected either "A" or "C" in the "reaction" column. For "B" & "D", the sales order won't be created at all.

6. Check for the assignment of the credit control area in the customer master - sales area data - billing screen. But this is not so important, without this also the system checks for the credit check.

Hope this solves your problem.

With best regards,

Allabaqsh G. Patil

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thank you to all of you

Answers (6)

Answers (6)

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Pls check the followings, these may be help you:

1.You use a Simple Credit check TCode OVAK.

Here in the field "Check Credit"

a)if you choose A a warning message will be popped saying credit limit exceed do you still want to save.

b) If you choose B it will pop an error message and would not let yoyu save the sales Order.

c) If you choose C it will let you save the sales order but BLOCK it for DELIVERY.

d) If you choose D you are configuring Automatic credit management.

SO apart from Chossing D you also choose "Credit Group"

01 -Order Level

02-Delivery Level

03-PGI level

SO depending on this choice the action will be taken on the respective level i.e. choosing 02 will mean Delivery will not be created or warned for.

Once this is over if you have chosen D i.e. Automatic Credit Management you need to goto OVA8 and define actions for Credit groups over there for the combination of

Credit Control AreaRisk Category(FD32 for Customer)Credit Group(From OVAK).

Inside this you can further configure it for Blocking or warning for each combination

2. activate the update of credit value for item type if check box is marked: OVA7

3. update group (field u201Cupdateu201D) in CCA: OB45

group 000012 (update)


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hi Sagar...

In case if you are using Automatic credit check... I would recommend you to Check with the T.code OVA8 ,and see weatehr you have maintained the settings correctly...


SAfeer Rahman

note; This mail is with assumption that you are aware of the entire settings required for credit control.iF you need any details on the complete setting required for automatic credit check ,kindly revert....

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I would be grateful if you could send the document on sagarinsap at geeee mmmale (if you are not able to paste the material in this thread)

Edited by: sagar g on Aug 8, 2008 8:59 AM

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Check following Transactions.

1. OB38- Assign Company Code to cr control Area

2. OVFL- Assign Sales Area to Cr control Area

3. XD02 -


5. OB45



8. OB01

9. OVA8

10. OVA7

11. FD32

12. VOV7

13. V/08 Maintain Subtotal A in pricing Procedure

14. OB45- Maintain Update -12

Hope this solves ur Query


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Hi Sagar

I will suggest you to check the Pricing Procedure and you may need to Put "A" in Subtotal column of Net Price / Gross Price as per you requirement. Wherever you will put "A" the system will take that value to a separate Table for credit check calculation.


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I hope U've checked the settings in OVAK for check credit(value--D), as well as Credit Grp..?

Alternatively, also check F.31 txn for a overview on the customer's Credit overview .



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Check for the risk category and its assignemnt to the customer in FD32.