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Credit Exposure check with historic time stamp

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1. Is there a standard SAP report that can be used to review historical credit exposure details depending on a sales order's various statuses, such as blocked and released with a time stamp?
2. How can we check a business partner's credit exposure at the time of credit sale order creation, blocked status level, and release level?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Historic data about the credit exposure or historic credit value of a sales document is not stored in a specific table, cannot be display in a report specifically for this.

The credit exposure of sales documents is updated to the UKM_ITEM table. There it has a timestamp of the update and the key of the credit exposure liability entry can contain the material availability date (delivery-related billing scenario).
This you can see in UKM_COMMITMENTS, until the sales document is processed. Then the liability entry moves to the next category (100 orders -> 400 deliveries -> 500 billing docs. -> 200 FI accounting docs.) and finally is getting removed once the document is completely processed.

The credit value of a sales order at the time of credit release and the date of credit release is saved in the order. You can see fields VBAK-AMTBL and VBAK-CMFRE. (This is saved in deliveries as well.)
In the changelog of the sales order you also see the time and the user name when the order got released.

To see the credit situation and credit value used during credit checks you could look into the DCD.
The open credit amount in the DCD displays the total value of a document from the credit view.
The checked credit value displays the value that was used during the credit check and have not been used in previous credit check (delta value).

The credit check log, which you can find from the DCD or in transaction UKM_LOGS_DISPLAY also contains the credit situation as part of the message about the credit check outcome.
The credit check log contains information on the check rule, credit segment, BP, Total liability, Credit limit, etc.
So for the time of order creation, order change - if there was a credit check - the log would show you the momentary credit exposure of the BP.

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