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Credit Block

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Hello Experts,

I have configured the credit management but my issue is when i check the FD32 i am getting the below values

Credit limit 10.000,00 Receivables 100,00-

Credit account 9 Special liabil. 0,00

Credit limit used 101,00 % Sales value 10.200,00

Credit horizon date Credit exposure 10.100,00

Sec.receivables 0,00

My issue issue i want the credit block at PGI also.what settings need to do for credit block for PGI.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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As you already know, Credit Blocks can occur at three levels:

1. Sales Order Level

2. Delivery Level

3. PGI Level.

Now your requirement is to allow creation of Sales Order & Delivery & only Block PGI.

For this go to T-Code - OVA8. Here you have conbination of Credit Control Area + Risk Category + Credit Group.

Now in the above three things, Credit Group controls at which level you want to have Credit Block (I mean at Sales Order, Delivery or PGI Level).

The SAP Standard Credit Groups are:

1. 01 - Credit Group for Sales Order

2. 02 - Credit Group for Delivery

3. 03 - Credit Group for Goods Issue

Here select the Conbination of Credit Control Area + Risk Category + 03 (Credit Group) & Under Static & Dynamic checks set the Reaction as "D".

For the Sales Order & Delivery Credit Groups (Credit Control Area + Risk Category + 01 & 02) set the Reaction as "C".

The above settings will make sure that User will get Warning Message at Sales Order & Delivery Level & system will set Credit Block at PGI level.

Hope this helps,


Jignesh Mehta

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Hi Jignesh,

thanks for your reply,

I am able to block the customer at Sales order level but now i need to block again at PGI level.System shud create the outbound delivery but it should hav a block at PGI.

I have configured in OVA8 but i feel i am missing some setting coz i am getting block at SO level and same things is not triggering at PGI.

If i create SO system should block at SO it means it should create SO but it shoul block which is working fine but after i release the same SO it should block once again at PGI which i am not getting.

Kindly suggest.



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Hello Shrii,

Follow this:

IMG - Sales and Distribution - Basic Functions - Credit Management/Risk Management - Credit Management - Assign Sales Documents and Delivery Documents - Credit limit check for delivery types.

Here make sure that 02 is assigned against in Delivery Credit Group & 03 in GI Credit Group.

This will make sure that PGI is blocked as per the settings defined in OVA8 for Combination of Credit Control Area + Risk Category + 03 (Credit Group).

Hope this helps,


Jignesh Mehta

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Go to OVAD and enter the relevant credit group under GI credit group.



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Hi Shri,

Use Transaction MCVR

-> Double-Click on Info Structures S066 and S067

Check whether S067 information structure is updated for your order if it is happening then it means that credit check is happening for your delivery.

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Hi Tilak,

Thanks for your reply,

I have checked with S066 & S067 and i found the below result.

Curr. Open delivery credit Open bill.doc.credi

YR 77,175.40 0.00

YR 6,430.70 900.95

YR 41,999.86 0.00

I can see the open delivery credit check and open bill doc credit tat means my credit check is carried out at sales order block and PGI.Correct me if i am rong.



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Dear Shrii,

Assuming that your credit management setting is properly working for sales order, if you want to extend the credit check in PGI also, then

Assign the credit group 03 in the following path

SPRO>IMG>sales & distribution>basic functions>Credit Management/Risk Management-->

Credit Management>Assign Sales Documents and Delivery Documents>Credit limit check for delivery types

Check and revert back.

Thanks & Regards,

Hegal K Charles

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Credit block only at PGI level - go to OVA8 -> maintain the Credit control area, Risk category and Doc credit group (3) combination.

also make sure the update group in Credit control area is 000015


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I am nt expert but may be i think ur problem solved by following steps.

CUSTOMER : XYZ sales org : xyz A/c Grp: xxbb


RICK CATEGORY : abd Div : yy


TOTAL LIMIT : 1000000

t-codes status

/nob38 checked (co.code to CCA)

/novfl checked (SArea to CCA)

/nxd02 check in customer master

/obzk Permitted CCCA per Co.code no table entry for specified entry(t001cm check)

/nob45 CCA overview INR update:000012/risk:002/credit limit:0

/novak assigned sales doc to CCA simple credit check

/novad assigned delv types to CCA 02/03

/nob01 risk category definition.

/nfd32 as usally ur settings

/nOVA8 * view & maintain Automatic C.Control (Dynamic) bt nt checked payer/credit limit factor & only open deliveries

/nova7 update the credit active in item category and also

/nvov7 check the credit active in item category so it active receivables.

/nob45 default setting is'000012'and choose as per requirement if any new go to OSS notes.