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creation of production order without material reference

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Hi Guys,

Can anybody propose the solution for the following scenario :

When a raw material issued to a production order gets scrapped but at the same time that raw material which is scrapped can aslo be cut through some seperate operation and can be used for someother purpose later time for the same industry then in that case how to deal with the scenario????

Thanx in advance


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Answers (2)

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Please revert back if not answered, if answered please close the thread

please don’t keep it open

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Dear Venkat,

when ever a raw material sis getting scrapped, you need to decide where you want to scrap wit as a product or as a byproduct or return to store as damaged raw material by reversing the movement -261.

If you got for the first option-as a product

then perform the confirmation with qty as rework qty. go for rework order configuration (order with out material).

If you want to treat it as a by product

then do the GR with 0 qty, but in the good movement screen enter this product material with -ve qty and movement type which supports the byproduct-531(in std SAP),

effect is the cost of this will be removed from parent product order.

Now you got back the material in stores, identify the material by means of a batch.

You can now think of reissuing it to other order or scrap if it is completely damaged at the end of period.

If you want to return it as a damaged raw material

reverse the transaction of 261 and send the material back to stores with a identification by means of batch or manual identification.

Please come back if required