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Creation of Add-on package

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Using B1AddonSetup wizard in VS2008 i try to create and ARD file and Installation file

I insert data, give path to my exe. In the result folder (bin) i see ARD file and installation file

But when i try to install this addon in my SAP , it give me an error with message, taht digital sign of Add-on installation package is incorrect

What is correct procedure to create and add-on package ?

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Answers (1)

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Basically It because of wrong Signature

1) Remove that add-on

2) Delete that entry from SARI table in SBO_common database

3) The problem may be that rebuilding addon project then generate ARD, while the old addon executable is included in your addon installer.You should make sure it is the same execute bale of your addon when generate the ARD and Installation.

And you're recommended to do this with B1DE, it helps you to generate ARD and Installation once.

They refer to the same executable of your addon.

4) Recompile all step and use AddonIntsallerto generate *FRESH ard * file