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Creating Sales Order through SAP-EDI after PO

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Hi, Experts.

Please help me to design business flow using SAP-EDI.

How can I design business among 2 affiliate companies and HQ.

are many company around the world, and they want to use SAP-EDI to realize intercompany process,

such as below.

1, Company A create Puchase Order from B

2, Sales Order is created automatically at Company B

I know it is possible If this is only among 2 companies.

But my client want to put HQ in this flow by plan as below.

1, Company A create Puchase Order. and in Puchase Order,

Vender is HQ and Invoicing Party is HQ

Goods supplier is Company B

2, Sales Order is created automatically at Company B, and in Sales Order,

Sold-to party is HQ and Bill-to party is HQ

Ship-to party is Company A

Be careful that A doesn't always purchase from B, so user should select where to purchase at each time.

Is it possible to realize customizing or user-exit? If so, please tell me.

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Hi, Experts

Thank you for your responce.


HQ wants to get margin.

This business flow is " A sells to HQ, and HQ sells to B".

And price between HQ and B is higher than that of A and HQ.

As a result, HQ get profit by margin.

Have you ever had such a requirement?


So I need some add-on function anyway, right?

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With regard to margins, you should be able to manage them using pricing conditions, you have the following in the standard any way:

PI01 Intercompany: fixed amount per material unit

PI02 Intercompany: percentage of the net invoice amount

If the above don't work, you can create your own condition types to add the margin.

I don't think you need to add on anything special, if you have an EDI specialist work with him/her. This is an ALE/EDI process that one company sends a PO Idoc and another company uses that Idoc to create a Sales order. Only difference is that both companies are in the same SAP client/instance.

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Hello wazukanahikari

I feel this is 'Partner manipulation' and eminently possible.

1) Create HQ as the Inter-company customer for Plant B's Sales area. Sold-to (SP), Bill- To (BP) and Payer(PY) = HQ. However it will have several Ship-tos (SH) including Plant A.

2) PO sent by Plant A (SH Partner) is received at Plant B. The incoming Idoc may specify SP explicitly or you may have some tables to map the SH to the SP at the receiving end.

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I don't think there is a standard process for this. You're correct, the inter-company scenario may be used for two companies.

It seems that they want to transfer goods between two companies A and B, but HQ wants to handle all the finances. I'm wondering why is this necessary and what business sense does it make for the company? HQ seems just like a bottlneck here, apart from some possible legal/tax-related issues, if all 3 parties are in different countries.

If there is some valid reason for this, I'd bring in an experienced EDI consultant for evaluation. It seems the client should be able to afford it.