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Creating SAFT-PT Files without DART

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Hello Experts,

It seems the  requirements in Portugal for the submission of the so-called SAF-T PT reports have been changed recently ,A new XML layout has been  created (1.03 ) . We are not using SAP DART  tool but using a custom tool to extract data . I wanted to check if any of you can help me provide the details of the new SAP notes  , I  am interested in Identified the field mapping  which is being used . Also if anyone of you have created an custom program . I will appreciate if you can help provide the mapping  as per the new XML structure.

Thanks for looking into my query .



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Hello Amanda,

We're using trx RMINI_SAFT for deliveries, so I can only comment on that. SAP releases frequent OSS notes (~20 the last 6 months), so this is still not mature functionality. We also have some production problems, and it's been like fixing one or two bugs by introducing another.

So at least for RMINI_SAFT I'd recomment to keep your custom tool a bit longer. Or maybe in parallel as a backup solution if you switch to SAP, but that may not be feasible due to table updates done by SAP programs, e.g. WSPT_LIKP.

Regarding mapping RMINI_SAFT maps differently whether you work with shipments or not. There's also some logic based on outbound or return delivery type. So no clear answer for that part.