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Creating new invoice line w/o copy control

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Let me run a scenario by you and you tell me if you can think of a quick way to achieve this.

We have substitutions on a Sales order that come in automatically. Customer order 1000 cases of A, we don't have it,so we sub in 1000 cases of B.

The original line item gets TAPA item cat, the substituted item gets TAN.

RIght now we didn't design the TAPA item cat to copy to the delivery or the invoice. Changing that impacts downstream interfaces so it was proposed to handle this during the invoice creation process. It was decided to hack up the invoice creation process using a user exit and go back to the SO and grab the original line item and copy it down to the invoice. This is necessary because the pricing for the substituted item is based on the original item. We give a discount if the new item is more expensive then what they ordered, etc. If we dont have the original item, it throws this off. It's also necessary for invoice print.

Just want your thoughts on how this could be accomplished technically. My fear is doc flow is ruined, we may miss updating a table somewhere and who knows what other dependencies could be out there. Curious if anyone else has encountered a similar situation and can recommend approaches.

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Hi James,

If this is done, there will be some inconsistencies in the document flow, deliveries and so on. I would strongly advise not to do that.

However you can achive your objective by some other means. If there is a substitution, you can make the TAPA item not relevant for delivery. In this case the delivery document will not have this item. You can make this item category relevant for pricing, but make the values statistical in which case, the pricing for this material will not be effective and hence it wont be posted.

You can also maintain a discount condition type for the substituted material, thus taking care of the pricing difference. This way the document flow integrity is maintained. You will know which material is substituted for which other material, the discount for the substituted material is taken care of.

If you have any specific queries, pls lemme know.

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This is what I'm trying to convince the client of but needed some different approaches outlined before doing so. Thank you for the input. My question on your first suggestion, if we mark TAPA not relevant for delivery but relevant for pricing, it won't appear on the delivery document itself but will on the invoice? I guess I'm unsure how that works since the invoice is created off of the delivery and looks at any item there.Right now TAPA is configured to not be relevant for delivery, with Billing Relevance flag of "A" - Delivery Related Billing Document.

The wrinkle that messes up your second case is that the pricing at SO time will not match at invoice time as the actual shipped weight gets thrown into the mix. The pricing on the substituted line needs some reference back to the originally ordered line in order to price it correctly.

Thanks again!