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creating multiple user tables using script

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my requirement is i want to create multiple tables by running script . is it possible .how do i do that can any one suggest me and send sample code to solve this task.

(i have to create 100 userTables it is very difficult to create using code or from B1 that is my requirement )and i think some good solution is there for my problem and inserting the tables into B1 by running script.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Product and Topic Expert
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Not sure what you mean with a script. Anyway: you can

create a Windows console program that creates your user

tables by using metadata objects in DI API. It is all

documented in the SDK.

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my problem is in my application i need to create 100 tables. is there any way to create these tables rather than metadata object . i mean by executing the create statement(how to use this)or i need to create these tables using metadata object only. i think now u got my problem.

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Hi Om,

Take a look at the SDK help files, or even better, the examples provided with the SDK, they give you a good example how to create a usertable.

Tried that, you could programm a loop wich creates your usertables, or a function that progresses a input file containing all your usertables.

<b>Pseudo code loop (C#)</b>

for(int i = 1; i <=100; i++)
  /* Call you your function that creates a usertable with the given name */
  CreateUserTable("TBL_" + i.ToString());

Hope it helps,


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