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Creating Copy of Rebate Agreement

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Hi Experts,

I have a query regarding creating copy of rebate agreement. We go to VBO1 and create new rebate agreement with reference to existing one and all the data like validity, rebate recepient, condition records will get copied but billing documents, manual accrual and partial settlement will not be copied. We can update billing document using VBOF but how to update manual accruals and partial settelement documents?

And another query is in rebate agreement we have build manual aacruals and created some partial settlements. So while creating final settlement how system will calculate final amount? What will happen to previous build accruals and partial settlement?

Thanks in advance


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Hi Juvy,

I'm don't know if there is a transaction on the update of manual accruals and partial settlement... maybe a custom transaction...

as far as i know, there are two ways of creating final settlement. that is creating a final settlement with zero payment nad final settlement paying an amount.

- zero payment enter 0.01 (positive) in the payment screen. its like deleting the agreement because you did not pay anything.

- pay the amount, if you want to pay less just put any amount that you want in the payment screen. this will reverse all open accruals as it is final settlement.

kind regards