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Created BOM and can't status to Active

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Can someone please help me. I have created a BOM and can't get the BOM Status to Active. I need to resolve this as soon as any responses would be greaty appreciated.



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Dear Diane,

1.Goto T code CS02 - give the material no,Plant BOM usage and click on the

BOM header (Press F6).After going into the Header overview,check the value for

the field in BOM status.It should 1 for making the BOM to be active.

2.If you have used ECM with release key for BOM creation,then release the

Change number in CC02.Then BOM status will become active.

3.Also Check in T code OS28 - Default Values for BOM's what status you have

maintained.It should be 1.

Check & revert tof roum if any further query exists.



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Okay this is what I did....

I needed to create a new Alt BOM and have the Master Data Steward create a new production version in SAP. There was alread an Alt BOM 1 and 2 and I just needed a new one.

I created a new change master.

When I went to set up this BOM, it was an Alt BOM 3 - I used the copy from function. Although...I don't recall putting in the change number when I copied it.

I did go back into the BOM and update the components to make the BOM that was needed - using the change number this time.

-I got the setup of the BOM verified by another person.

-And I did a CS02 and typed in the material number, plant, BOM Usage

- click on the BOM Header I get this message:

"E: Enter Change number - BOM has history requirement."

-I type in the change number and click on the header and I get this message:

"W: Date 09/06/2007 copied from change number"

-So I type in the Alt BOM "3" and enter and the BOM status is not a field that I can edit only the BOM text, and the from and to lot size boxes are the only fields that I can edit.

Now the production version has already been created and is using this BOM with a status of "4". The person who sets up the production version,says that everything looks good on their side..and that I just need to make the BOM active now....and I can't do that. Any other suggestions on what I can do? Thanks.

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In addtion...I do not have access to do T code OS28 (I am a Local Data Steward and handle the BOMs, Recipes, and Resources. I don't have access to planning or master data.

When I go to CC02 it shows a status of 1 - active and the Usage box has a checkmark in it...does this sound right?

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Check the BOM status using CS02 ( IN the BOM header to see if this is set to active) for your alt BOM in question

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It is set to "4"....that is my problem. In the recipe header it needs to be set to "1" and I am not able to do this for some reason. The entry for BOM Status is greyed out and I am not able to change it for some reason....I just don't know why and I dont' know how to do this.

If you look at my earlier posts I go through step by step to show how I created this BOM. I was hoping maybe someone would be able to help me if I explaind how I created it.

I just don't understand why I am not able to change the BOM status in the header using CS02... Thanks

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The only other thing I can think of is the object types in the chage master. The change status 1 and usage box being checked are fine. In CC02 go to the object types and check to see if the Bill of material "Actv" box is checked.If it is unchecked then check it and then go back to CS02 and try to activate the BOM status.

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I went to the Object types and the Actv. box is checked. The Created date is 09/06/07 and it says that it was created by Me.

Do you know if I have to do anything in the BOM to associate it with a Recipe or is that all done in the Master Data (e.g., MRP1, MRP2.....?)?

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Usually the BOM expolsion is all dependent on the master data.If the Actv, Object and MgtRec boxes are all checked and you cannot change the BOM status, then you may want to post a mesaage to SAP.