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Create with reference - Screen settings

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Please help me find where we do settings for the create with reference screen. When we try to create a sales order in VA01 and click create with reference it gives a small pop up on which there are tabs (Order, Inquiry, Quote, etc..). I want to know where we are the settings for this small pop up (create with reference ) screen.

I remember we can change the default tab (ex: Quotes to Order) on the create with reference screen. I am unable to find it now.

Thanks !!

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You can do this setting in the sales document type setting.

Go to VOV8 and select your sales document type.

Over there you will find out reference document.

So if you maintain any setting over there then it will always gives the pop to put your reference number.



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I am interested in the possiblity to add the field (purchase order number) into this pop up screen (Create with Reference). Does anybody have an idea how to do that?