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Create/Update listing exclusion in ECC using PRICAT Inbound IDOC

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Requirement is to get listing/exclusion maintained automatically in system, upon receiving PRICAT IDOC in SAP ECC system.

Kindly help if its achievable in standard and please share related Notes/Link/steps to do it.


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To create or update listing exclusions in SAP ECC using PRICAT inbound IDOC, you can follow these steps:

  • Configure PRICAT Inbound Process: Ensure that the PRICAT inbound process is configured in your SAP ECC system. This involves setting up the necessary partner profiles, message types, and processing routines for inbound PRICAT IDOCs.
  • Define Listing Exclusion Fields: Determine which fields in the PRICAT IDOC correspond to listing exclusions. These fields could include material numbers, vendor numbers, validity dates, or any other relevant attributes for listing exclusions.
  • Enhance PRICAT IDOC Structure: If the standard PRICAT IDOC structure doesn't already include fields for listing exclusions, you may need to enhance it using IDOC extension techniques such as adding custom segments or fields.
  • Map PRICAT Data to Listing Exclusions: Develop or configure the mapping logic to extract relevant data from the PRICAT IDOC and populate it into the appropriate fields for listing exclusions in SAP ECC.
  • Implement Business Logic: Define the business logic to determine when to create new listing exclusions or update existing ones based on the data received in the PRICAT IDOC. This may involve checking for existing listings, validating data against business rules, and triggering appropriate actions.
  • Error Handling: Implement error handling mechanisms to manage exceptions during the listing exclusion creation/update process. This includes handling validation errors, duplicate entries, and communication failures.
  • Testing: Thoroughly test the PRICAT inbound process with different scenarios to ensure that listing exclusions are created or updated correctly based on the incoming IDOC data.
  • Documentation and Training: Document the configuration, mapping rules, and business logic implemented for the PRICAT inbound process. Provide training to relevant stakeholders on how to monitor and troubleshoot listing exclusion-related issues.