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Create Travel Request Transportation and Accomodation is not shown in EP

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Dear all,

We are working implementing ESS using ECC 6.0 EP 7.0.

In R/3 TRIP transaction we are able to enter the transportation and accommodation details while creating travel request.

But same is not available for EP service create travel request (standard business package 1.0).

we do not want to implement the planning which is available in create travel plan service.

please suggest some solution.


Gauri Gosavi.

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the new ESS Travelmanagement from the Enhancement package 2 for ERP 6.0 should fit your needs.

best regards,


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Hello Markus,

so if i have already deployed the business package BP1.0. do i need to deploy this enhancement? or what should i do exactlly.

Please clarify as this will reduce a big development.


Umesh Chaudhari.

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Hello Umesh,

you should check the SAP Service Portal and read about the SAP's "new" Release Strategy called "Enhancement Packages".

Also please take a look at

It does describe what the new ESS Service for Travelmanagement does include.