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Create SalesOrderHeader texts to an existing SO in S4 Hana Cloud via CPI

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I've a scenario wherein sales order header texts need to be created for an existing Sales Order(The header texts are absent in the SO as it was created by the SOAP-API(SALESORDERBULKREQUEST_IN) which does not have a provision for header texts). Now, when the header texts are attempted to be created via CPI using standard ODATA-API 'API_SALES_ORDER_SRV' & resource 'A_SalesOrderText', the following message is received - 'Creating operations are disabled for entity 'API_SALES_ORDER~A_SALESORDERTEXT'.

Would appreciate any pointers on whether this is possible via CPI and if so, the outline for getting this done.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Unfortunately it's not possible at this moment to create new texts in sales orders using the API_SALES_ORDER_SRV. (you can always try to log a ticket to request this functionality)

I think your only proper solution to fix this issue is to move away from the SOAP API for creating your sales orders and do the creation using the odata API, with the odata API it is possible to POST the header texts as described in the API business hub.

An additional advantage of this approach is that your sales order will be created at once, reducing the chances of errors when creating the texts afterwards.

Best regards,

Geert-Jan Klaps

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Thank you for the inputs and direction, Geert.

The reason the SOAP API was used, is because the ODATA API did not have the provision to accommodate the 'delivery dates' information for the sales order items. So, the thinking was to create the sales order with the item delivery-dates using the SOAP-API, and then create the header-texts for the SO.

Will look into requesting this functionality to SAP via the ticket-route, thank you.

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