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Create purchase requisition from Sales Order

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Is there a transaction to convert directly a sales order into a purchase requisition or even purchase order?

When our sales orders are too big our suppliers send the material directly to our customers and right now we do the PO manually.

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Goto VOV6 and assign SLca CS with Order type for PR

Goto IMG>SD>Sales>Sales Documents>Sales Document Item > Assign Item Categories - Assign TAS to the Sales document

IN material master, Assign the Item category group (BANS)

Create a sales order, and upon saving in shedule lines you can see that the PR is created.

Maintain a source list and a vaild info record for the material vendor combination

Run ME59N, which will automatically converts the PR to PO

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Hey there,

Quick question on this. Is there a way to notify that when the sales order saved and created the PR for the same, how it can be notified that this is just created and need processing for PO?