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Create PR or PO from a Reservation

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I'm working on a new business scenario:

At this moment, my client has this business flow for consumptions:

  1. Controllers made reservations of stock material in PS master (CJ20N)
  2. Warehouse staff picked up the reservation code and posted goods consumption in a MM one step movement (221, 281, for example)

               This consumption is actually a transfer/consumption of goods to a location where the company has activity, so a goods slip is printed

Now it's mandatory to use stock transport orders in order to use SD delivery (not possible to post a 1 step movement). But our client still wants to start the flow in CJ20N, creating a reservation for stock material or a purchase requisition that can be used as a reference for the STO.

My question:

  • how can I create a PR or PO with reference to a reservation


  • in CJ20N how can I create directly a PR?

Any customizing steps?

(at the present time, our proposal is to manually create the STO)

King regards

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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This is a tricky one.  It might be worth asking the same question in the PS part of this forum.

I've spent quite a bit of time looking at a similar problem recently and the only solution I can see is to give the "controllers" their own plant and have them use that plant when creating reservations in CJ20N.  Then you could run MRP to generate stock transport requisitions, convert those to stock transport orders and use those STO documents to issue the stock from the warehouse.

This could be configured as a one step transfter so no goods receipt transaction is necessary at the new plant and then the controllers would be responsible for making consumption postings using their reservations.

If you need to know which order owns the stock in the new plant you could make the controllers raise project stock reservations and then MRP can be set up to create a transfer from unrestricted stock in one plant to project stock in the other.

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Thanks Robyn,

I had already posted a similar thread in PS and got a first reply.

Your sugestion would be a bigger process change.

It seems it is possible to manually create a PR in CJ20N (with or without previous reservation) for stock material that can be later used as a reference to a STO.

I don't have any knowledge in PS, I'm trying to find steps/customizing for this.

Thanks a lot

King regards

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