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create PO without material master

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Hello guru

When we should create PO without material , no dout materail group willbe assigned to valluation class , then accounting document is generated ,so my case is when u do the PO without material is it necessary to do GR, in this position any movement type is hitting are not iam confused plz clarify problem

(without material creat Po means is it right na to assign mat group to val class imgmm-purchasingmaster data---entry aids for items without material master)

here GR is possible are not plz give me clear picture on this)



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Answers (3)

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If you create a PO without material you have the option of having a GR or no GR (it also depends on the configuration of the account assignment category).

Check the item delivery tab and you will see if you can change the flags

You can have no ticks and so no GR would be posted and all fanance postings happen at GR.

You could have the GR flag ticked and so all financial postings happen at GR stage.

You couldhave the GR flag AND the GR non-valuated flag ticked and this means a GR would be required but no financial postings will take place until invoice stage.

If a material master was involved then you you can still do the above but only if the account assignment category is NOT blank.

Steve B

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In addition to Shrini's response the SPRO path u refered to is the correct step to start with .



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You can create PO without material when there is direct consumption. If you dont give material number in the PO, account assignment is manadatory. Usually you can create PO with account assignment K (Cost center) without material number.

When you receive the goods, once you make GR for the PO, the stock will be consumed for cost center and there wont be any stock.