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Create Phys Inv Doc for Cycle Counting - Clarification

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Hi Friends,

I have an issue in creating a physical inventory document for all materials in a plant.

I have more than 4000 materials in my plant and more than 400 materials has stock. Most of the materials which are in stock are A class items.

When I create a Phsical Inv doc I have only 22 materials for which the a screen is created for creating a batch input session. The planned dates are for the last 1 week.

How does the system recognise that these materials are required for cycle counting in this week?

Thanks for your help.


Best Regards,

Narayana Rao.

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Answers (2)

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based on customizing, selection screen entries and program design.

OSS note 518418

In principle, the program calculates the planned date of physical

inventory according to the following formula:

planned date = base date + Interval (Trans.OMCO/Tab.XT159C-ININV)

Usually, the base date is the 'date of the last physical inventory'.

Depending on the type of the stock or the batch management

requirement, this date is read from one of the following table


MARD-DLINL (Normal materials)

MCHB-CHDLL (Batch materials, separately valuated materials)

If no physical inventory has been carried out yet and if this date

field is therefore empty, the system uses the creation date of the

material as basis date. The basis date then comes from one of the

following table fields:

MSTA-ERSDA (Normal materials)

MCHB-ERSDA (Batch materials, separately valuated materials)

Since the cycle counting physical inventory always runs for the

current fiscal year, the earliest possible physical inventory date

is the 01.01. and the latest possible physical inventory date is the

31.12 of the current year.

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I think it depends on the Cycle Count indicator(A,B,C) field in material master. If the material has indicator A, the physical inventory will be done every month...if it is B, it is Every quarter....if it is C, it is every year....

Depending on that materials being picked during the physical inventory.....