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Create new delivery item category

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i'm tring to copy standard delivery item category and change in transaction: 0vlp,

and after changing the item category to a "Z" category i get a error message:"Entry ZODX does not exist in TVPT (check entry)"

can you please tell me why i cant copy a standard item category for delivery ?


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Hi Hgal,

i Came out of the server.

Log in again.

Click on the item category to be copied.(LDX)

from menu i click on COPY AS

System will took meto a new screen.

Rename it there.did enter and got a message"Entry ZLDX does not exist in TVPT (check entry)"...



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Dear Yehudit,

Go to T.code VOV7 there maintain one dummy item category with the same name (ZLDX) , then come in to T.code (Zero) 0VLP copy the standard LDX and rename it to ZLDX then system will allow you to save.

Check and revert