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create new data transfer routine

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I want to create new VOFM Data Transfer Routine? How should i proceed please.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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To create a new routine, you must have a Developer access key.

To create a new routine, follow these steps:

1. First check to see whether you can use one of the data transfer routines delivered in the standard system.

2. Either overwrite an existing data transfer routine or enter a new number on a new line from the customer name space 600 to 999. Also enter a short description of your data transfer routine.

3. Program your data transfer routine in the ABAP editor.

4. Activate the program.

5. Enter the application if you want to use the data transfer routine in one particular application area.

6. Enter your new data transfer routine in the appropriate area in customizing. For example, a new data transfer routine for the order header is assigned to the relevant sales document type. As another example, a data transfer routine for texts would be assigned to the access sequence for the text type.

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