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Create multiple purchase requests

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I am planning MRP run based on MRP area involving 2 storage locations

I have 2 demand requirement coming from two sales orders having one line each.

In MD04 I see I have shortage, so I run MRP

Situation is

SO1 - Qty - 10 PCE - storage location1

SO2 - Qty - 10 PCE - storage location 2

Post MRP run

System should generate 2 PR one each for storage location 1 & 2. Instead system creates 1 PR for 20 PCE having storage location 1.

What exactly I am missing here?



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Hello Dipak,

MRP planned at plant level if the sales orders for same materials are having same date then system will create only one PR. If sales orders are having different date then if you use Lot Size EX Lot for lot planning in MRP1 view then system will create two PRs.

If you are in MTO  planning strategy like 20 then you can have two different PRs.

If possible share the screen shot of MD04 and MRP1 view.

Best Regards,