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Create Business Area

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Hi All,

Pls tell me where i can create Business area!

Thank you!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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This is fundamentally an FI area of customization.

The SPRO path is as below:

SPRO->Enterprise structure->Definition->Financial Accounting-> Define Business Area.

After defining you can assign the business area to consolidation business area by following the path:SPRO->Enterprise structure->Assignment->Financial Accounting-> Assign Business Area to consolidation Business Area.

Hope this meets your requirement.

If so, Pl confirm.


Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Thanks to all of you!

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Check the path:

SPRO > IMG > Enterprise Structure > Assignment > Sales and Distribution > Business Area Account Assignment

- Define Rules By Sales Area

For business area account determination, you have to define for each sales area the rules according to which the SAP System should find a business area.

- Assign Business Area To Plant And Division

In this IMG activity, you assign one business area to each of the combinations of plant and division for automatic business area account assignment.

- Assign Business Area by Sales Area

In this IMG step, you assign business areas to sales areas for automatic business area account determination.

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Hi Quang,

Please go through this to define Bussiness Aea

Spro>IMG>Enterprise sruture--> Definition --> Financial Accounting ---> Define Business are.

To Assignment

Spro>IMG>Enterprise sruture--> Assignment --> Financial Accounting ---> .

Spro>IMG>Enterprise sruture--> Assignment --> Sales and Distribution ---> Bussiness Area account assignment.

If you feel it is usefull please reward with points,